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A secret club works with play as an artform. Immersive and playful art experiences are an important part of what we do. Participants visit, explore and play in these temporary, imaginary, alternative worlds before these disappear again to become a memory.

These temporary worlds can be likened to visiting a foreign country: your senses are heightened and you take everything in - wonder is a great motivator for curiosity and curiosity is paramount to learning something new.

Members of a secret club, and families around a table full of materials for making fake medals.>

<br><br>Our immersive experiences can take the form of a workshop where you create something amazing - often it is a <b>souvenir</b> to take home, like a fake medal and the tall tale that goes with it. (We have a highly advanced <b>lie generator</b> to help you make up a plausible reason for the shiny, honourable thing on your chest.)<br><br>

At other times you help create the world you are visiting - we have made a <a class=sculpture park of snow, filled a tall, red paper tree with magical animals or built a huge paper castle, floating in the air, filled with towers, turrets, balconies and sheds, but also with all the hopes, dreams and wishes of every Sky Architect who helped build it.

A European-style castle made from paper hanging from fishing line in an art gallery, in the background, families are making new additions to the ever growing paper castle.></a>

<br><br>Sometimes you will meet our skilled <a class=Museum Custodians, or Time-Travel-Photographers or you will be guided to row 1, seat 1 of The World's Smallest Cinema.

Using their special powers, the highly skilled Ornamentalists get a glimpse of your inner beauty and - swiftly and painlessly - transfers it onto your skin.


And at yet other times, you might be on your own, when you come across a shop window that tells your fortune. Or you meet a new new friend painted on a wall.

Our experiences are mainly enjoyed by families, but our way of playing and telling stories appeals to all age groups - the first time the Ornamentalists were in action was at a midnight premiere at the art cinema Øst for Paradis.

In the past, we have created immersive and playful art experiences for and with institutions such as Victora & Albert Museum, South London Gallery, Tea and Make and The House of Fairy Tales in the United Kingdom and Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Kunsthal Aarhus, Sculpture by the Sea, IMAGES festival, Tall Ships Races, Viborg Animationsfestival, LEGO group, Tegnefestival, Food Festival and numerous smaller, Danish festivals.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our playful experiences and what our kind of playing can do for your company, cultural institution, festival.

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