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A member of a secret club sits in a tool booth and is examining a small note that a child has brought her. The child is waiting. The note says that the finder can exchange it for a treasure or special tool.

Other projects...

Sometimes we play without being present, or in site specific ways and we have finally written a bit about a few of those other projects
so hop on over to read about introvert playground, shanty towns for magic users, hackable hopscotch and more...

quite a few fake medals - or rosettes- - laid out on a table, in the middle of each is an old coin that has been polished with a stinky substance made from salt and vinegar.

Online Workshop: Medal making

Many of our workshops can be turned into online versions, but one in particular felt obvious to translate into lockdown-friendly version: Our medal making workshop, where you are usually sat around a table, making the workshops the Queen hasn't yet figured out that you deserve.

During the last year, we have made medals online in Danish, English and German. We have made them with grown-ups as well as kids and in December we tailor-made a medal making workshop for grown-ups trying to remember the kids they once were.

The online medal making workshop can be easily transformed and adapted - we can send out packages with materials, or provide a list of interesting things to collect in advance. The one with the adults remembering their childhood selves was a complete kit that looked like this:

Three forms stabled together, the forms are meant to be cut up and glued together. when you do this, they become a medal in the same style as the ones mentioned above.

This particular one started out as a very official form for the participants to fill out with favourite childhood colours, best scars and so on. Only when they reached the halfway point of the workshop, the medal started to reveal itself...

We have learned a lot about playing online throughout the year and it is an exciting medium where participants are guided through an experience, with room for detours and surprises along the way.

A closer look at the medal-forms.

Now, more than ever, people need magic, medals and disguised surprises: The transforming form also contained a hidden competition that sent participants on a (post workshop) micro-quest.

For more on how and what we can play online, please do contact us. The bureaucratic form that became a medal was developed for COC - Playful Minds.

A hand holds up four playing cards They are made from thick paper an have a smooth surface.


We recently developed a new game for grown-ups to play at conferences and in other situations where interesting people spend time together inside slightly boring buildings.

But most of the boring buildings are closed and we really shouldn't meet up with too many, too interesting people, so we have made a play-at-home version of the game. Just in case you get a bit bored.

You can play alone or with your family. Every day, we pick a card for you. Each card has a Stay-At-Home mission, feel free to share what you make and feel free to share the game with other bored people you may know.

Apologies that the header is in Danish, we wanted to play straight away, so we haven't made an English language one yet. It says: 'Always Be Adventuring'

Here is your last mission:

A hand holds up a playing card, face forward. it says:

receive secret news

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