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Museum Jorn Expedition Book

We're proud to have worked with Museum Jorn's Elisabeth Wildt on creating this children's museum guide that may not be what you'd expect, but then again, art is about offering a new perspective and show you things you haven't seen before.

Art can be a strange encounter - it's often a different visual language to what you meet in everyday life, a lot like going to a different country, so we designed a guide - an Expedition Book - that effectively turned Museum Jorn into a place to explore.

The Expedition Book introduces young explorers to a magical world that they will gradually become more familiar with and, as with any meaningfull adventure, this one will change the explorers themselves. Part of this change is reflected in the book itself - as you journey through the museum, the book will be transformed.

Its pages, rectangular to begin with, change shape, elements will be cut out and get stuck back in elsewhere, the flat pages become thicker, drawings, doodles and notes will fill it up and it grows into a sprawling journal/art book that will remind you of your art adventure.

The explorer will also be physically changed: The center spread of the Expedition Book can be made into a mask, this mask is a personal souvenir that will be individually shaped and customised to each explorer's liking. Because of the choices you have to make when making the mask, no two explorers will have the same mask.

Every page presents the explorer with an invitation to play, experiment and be creative, several of these 'invitations' are very open suggestions and make use of what we call 'the creative impulse' - the urge to doodle and make marks when there's just a subtle hint to work from. These pages offer you an irresistible opportunity to play.

Some of these invitations to play and explore are more directly linked to the art, like below where you're prompted to think up some creatures to inhabit the Cave of the Moon Dog. The Moon Dog is a ceramic figure displayed in a dimly lit room full of Jorn's ceramic work. The explorer can interpret and take cue from the vases and reliefs on display.

By using the expedition format, we're aiming to avoid the classic teacher/pupil dynamic often seen in these guides - our Expedition Book takes children on an adventure into the unexplored, asking them to embrace their own creativity, look at everything for themselves and to form their own opinions on art. When on an expedition, your senses are naturally heightened.

On the back cover it says 'Welcome home' - poetically concluding the adventure and sending explorers home with an enriched view of the world - it is also our way of welcoming the explorer to the fascinating world of art - that he or she has found a home in a place where you can play, ask, doubt, think and make to your heart's content.

Feel free to contact us for further comment or access to press images for this project.

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