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A smaller schhhop

Our freshly printed totebags, Danish language & out-of-season Christmas cards and kids'T-shirts are now neatly stacked on the shelves of our online Schhhop.

Very soon, we'll downsize the Schhhop because we need the space for GIF animations and bookmarks, so if there's anything you think you really, really need, now's a good time to order.

Hackable Hopscotch

Since we made the introvert playground, we've been coming back to the playground every now and again, first in Biel at the Pro Juventute play festival were we made workshop participants add another layer to an existing playground and then again this summer, when we unveiled the insanely long hopscotch we have designed and made in the town of Billund for Capital of Children.

While elements of the hopscotch court echo traditional designs, this one is merely a framework for the user to fill out, change, expand and subvert using the chalk from the little boxes lining the 100+ meter street game. You can make it play like a platform game, you can cancel out squares, add shortcuts and so on and so on. It's basically a hackable hopscotch. You can add lava, points, you can use it as dance-move-genrator, or you can - of course - also just hop and skip along with no rules. And the next time it rains, it all starts over.

The whole project reaches back to an idea we used when we made a children's guide for the art museum Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, we called it 'creative impulse' and the idea is, that if you present someone with an intended possibility to be creative or playful, and they aren't distracted, they will play, you don't need to give them instructions.

For the unveiling, we set up a hopscotch lab. kids got their 'race numbers' identifying their favourite leg and hopped away. If they reached the end, they received a diploma and the leg that had done all the work was awarded a medal!

The Introvert Playground

You may not have heard much from us last year.

One of the reasons for this is, that we have been busy in our secret lab/workshop, inventing and making an introvert playground.

We have never on our expeditions come across such a thing as an introvert playground, but introvert play is amazing, so we reckoned we had to build one ourselves, which we started doing last summer. After months of sawing, thinking, scavenging, painting and putting together, it was finally done a few days before Christmas

The Introvert playground is about a type of play that differs from what playgrounds normally offer: It is very, very small and it doesn't encourage you to climb, slide, run or swing, it actually makes it difficult to move around at all. It is full of stuff to pique your curiosity, stuff that hints at stories and you can turn into someone else. You play on your own and it's a fantastic place to daydream.

Studio Visit

The wonderful culture blog and listings site Fine Spind has paid a visit to our studio and made a great photo series about it! See all our secrets, notes from adventures and treasure here!

The above photos are ©Fine Spind

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