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Ways to play in May:

6th May: The Ornamentalist Tattoo Salon is open on Børnehjælpsdagen (Help the Children Day) in Aarhus, Denmark

12th May: Open house at Langt Ude - an amazing farm were traditional, Danish races of farm animals are having a lovely time - You can even sleep amongst goats!

16th - 19th May: Film i Skoven in Aarhus, Denmark (Film in the Forest) - a lovely film festival in the woods

25th - 26th May: Pro Juventute Spielfestival 2018, in Biel, Switzerland

We'll be talking about the design of our introvert playground and how we treat play as an art form on the one day. On the other day, we'll host a workshop where we'll add another layer of play to an existing playground.

0 31st May: Børnenes Grundlovsdag (Children's Constitution Day)

We'll soon share a bit more info on everything...

Forgotten Wonders from the Dawn of Time

You may not have heard much from us last year.

One of the reasons for this is, that we have been busy in our secret lab/workshop, inventing and making an introvert playground.

We have never on our expeditions come across such a thing as an introvert playground, but introvert play is amazing, so we reckoned we had to build one ourselves, which we started doing last summer. After months of sawing, thinking, scavenging, painting and putting together, it was finally done a few days before Christmas

The Introvert playground - which is called Forgotten Wonders from the Dawn of Time - is about a type of play that differs from what playgrounds normally offer: It is very, very small and it doesn't encourage you to climb, slide, run or swing, it actually makes it difficult to move around at all. It is full of stuff to pique your curiosity, stuff that hints at stories and you can turn into someone else. You play on your own and it's a fantastic place to daydream.

Forgotten Wonders from the Dawn of Time will be revealed in Aarhus later this year and we promise to let you know when that happens, because we're going to have a little party, but until then, here are some pictures of how the introvert playground came to be:


When winter is coming, we'll be ready!
For the fourth winter running, we're celebrating SNOWFEST!
Join us when the ground turns white, grab a snow-saw, snow-drill or strap on a pair of fake footprinters and celebrate SNOWFEST with us! Snowfest takes place in Aarhus, Denmark.
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Funded by Børnekulturhuset

Studio Visit

The wonderful culture blog and listings site Fine Spind has paid a visit to our studio and made a great photo series about it! See all our secrets, notes from adventures and treasure here!

The above photos are ©Fine Spind

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