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We recently developed a new game for grown-ups to play at conferences and in other situations where interesting people spend time together inside slightly boring buildings.

But most of the boring buildings are closed and we really shouldn't meet up with too many, too interesting people, so we have made a play-at-home version of the game. Just in case you get a bit bored.

You can play alone or with your family. Every day, we pick a card for you. Each card has a Stay-At-Home mission, feel free to share what you make and feel free to share the game with other bored people you may know.

Apologies that the header is in Danish, we wanted to play straight away, so we haven't made an English language one yet. It says: 'Always Be Adventuring'

Here is your last mission:

The Game with No Name

- a new game for conferences, seminars and similar events where people have a shared interest, but don't know each other.

We tested it at the amazing Counterplay festival in spring. We'd love to play this at other events too. (Although we may play it in new and mutated ways...)

The game doesn't have a name, because that would give too much away. Also, it will not be announced anywhere, so it doesn't really need a name.
The Game with No Name is based on the idea of the 'Macguffin' - an object with only one purpose: Taking the protagonists through a series of intersting scenarios. The Maltese Falcon is a macGuffin, so are the Death Star plans in Star Wars...

Although The Game with No Name is object based, is almost invisible for those who are not playing it and the players themselves can decide whether to play it in an extrovert or introvert fashion. The game provides the players with a goal, a reason to (however briefly they want to) interact with others.
It's not a demanding game, it isn't physical or very awkward (unless the player wants it to be) and it won't demand much focus or concentration - if something more interesting is going on, you can simply forget it for a while.

But that's just the outermost layer - you'll be met with missions, prizes and secret greetings the further in you go.

If you are an events organiser and would like to know the mechanics, we will, of course, tell you, but it's much nicer to learn it after - At the end of Counterplay we explanied the game to the participants, at that point, most people had had some encounter with it, but hadn't necessarily played every layer of it and briefly explaining what they had played, made sense.

The Game with No Name is instigated and curated throughout by our parallel universal scout patrol.

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